Welcome to Baringhup Primary School!

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Baringhup Primary School is a small rural school located in north central Victoria, 10kms from Maldon, in a predominantly dry farming community. We are one of 22 schools that make up the Goldfields Network within the Loddon Mallee Region and are well resourced for our size with two multi-age classrooms offering a family atmosphere for all of our 13 students. Interactive whiteboards and ICT devices feature in both classes, and our playground has ample play equipment, large sandpit and cubby house. The school has been part of a four-year literacy coaching project to build teacher capacity and improve student outcomes. Environmental education is facilitated by retired community members and each class also receives a weekly specialist lesson in Art, ICT, P.E., and MARC. Numeracy is a current focus at the school, with all curriculum planning focused on the needs of individuals through personalised instruction.